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Possibly the MOST Robust Online Presence in the Industry

Our unique understanding of online lead generation gives our agents more free leads and more credibility building than any other Medicare FMO can provide. We say that with confidence – and we’re ready to PROVE IT!

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“Bedrock empowers independent Medicare agents like myself. Custom branding and valuable content has improved my online presence and I’m closing more business because of it… a lot more.”

The resources available are helping me become an expert at answering questions and getting quotes out quickly.

Jessica M., 5+ years in Medicare

“I get free leads and not just leads… but people who are expecting my call and who have already been sold on Me being the Medicare expert. Its a no-brainer..”

Growing my business is my top priority. At Bedrock I get to keep my renewals, receive full Street commission and Free Leads

David C., 15+ years in Medicare


Comprehensive solution for streamlined management of your Medicare clients and prospects


All-in-one system for managing Medicare clients and prospects efficiently


Eliminate copy-pasting with our seamless CRM integration that automates quoting and enrollment


Streamline client interaction by easily emailing, collecting prescriptions, and tracking status updates


Seamless, compliant call recordings auto- attach to client CRM profiles.


Bedrock MD collaborates with agents, providing the best training and support they deserve

BedrockMD: Possibly the Best Medicare FMO for Agents

Bedrock wants to be the best Medicare FMO. Experience fast, knowledgeable support from our Agent Success team. Let our CRM, lead generation and appointment setting software simplify your business. Bedrock enhances the agency experience, ensuring your success.

Benefit From Bedrock’s CRM and Lead Generation

By serving as your FMO (Field Marketing Organization), we can provide the software
at no cost to agents. This aligns our success with yours, ensuring our sole focus is
on helping you thrive and achieve success.

Independent Agents Earning 100% street level commission

With Bedrock YOUR ARE INDEPENDENT and own your book of business.

We offer all national carriers, and many regional carriers including United Healthcare, Humana,
Aetna, Anthem, Mutual of Omaha, and Wellcare.

Medicare Appointments


Bedrock has changed how Medicare Agent prospect and nurture leads


Automate your business with our proprietary CRM. Enjoy online lead capture and cutting edge marketing platforms

We give Agents better opportunities

We’re BedrockMD, and our team is the one-stop
solution for agents needing Medicare LEADS,
quoting, training, and contracting!
Simple. Easy. Effortless.
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Can I get access to the software without joining BedrockMD?

Although some of the software Bedrock offers agents is available on the open market, the majority of what Bedrock provides is proprietary and therefore only available to agents who are fully contracted and producing through the BedrockMD hierarchy. If you have questions about switching your contracts to BedrockMD, book time with our team and we’ll answer all your questions.


Seamlessly Manage Leads and Set Appointments
Bedrock’s CRM seamlessly integrates with CredkeeperTM and ARB, simplifying existing client outreach and lead management for existing and newly acquired prospects. With these tools, you can effortlessly transform leads into high-intent appointments through automated email and text message campaigns.


In the fast-paced world of Medicare advisory, every moment counts. Embrace a new era of efficiency with our automated solutions designed exclusively for Medicare agents. Streamline your processes, save time, and open doors to unparalleled success.

Online Lead Gen

Our unique understanding of online lead generation gives our agents more free leads and more credibility building than any other Medicare FMO can provide. We say that with confidence – and we are ready to PROVE IT!


Immerse your audience in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Our eLearning platform ensures that educational content is delivered in a way that captivates and inspires.


Open doors to success in Medicare advisory with our comprehensive Medicare Agent Training program. Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape and thrive as a Medicare agent.

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