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Our CRM automates outreach to prospects and clients and simplifies the most time-consuming effort involved in running your business

Personal Website

Comprehensive solution for streamlined management of your Medicare clients and prospects


Own your online presence with Credkeeper’s Patented solution and show your prospects your expertise and credibility!


Medicare leads are the lifeblood of every agent's business. Quality leads from Credkeeper™, your CRM, ARB, and Agent Website.

Automated Relationship Buildsing

Enhance lead and client engagement without lifting a finger.

We Ask You To Compare Bedrock Against Your Current FMO

Your current FMO may offer training, but do they really offer anything else?

Bedrock has created proprietary marketing tools and platforms that generate hundreds and thousands of leads
and appointments for our agents. The decision we ask you to make involves a simple comparison.

Will you close more business with your Current FMO or With Bedrock?

Please review the offer below and answer the simple question;

Are you willing to move the Carriers you are actively writing, to take advantage of better marketing, tools and systems?


Seamlessly Manage Leads and Set Appointments Bedrock’s CRM seamlessly integrates with Credkeeper™ and ARB, simplifying existing client outreach and lead management for existing and newly acquired prospects. With these tools, you can effortlessly transform leads into high-intent appointments through automated email and text message campaigns.

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Medicare Agent Website

Revamp your online presence with our comprehensive website design service tailored for agents, strategically crafted to drive sales and generate leads effectively.


CredKeeper™ revolutionizes agents’ online presence by generating expertly crafted articles that bolster credibility in their target market. With tailored content and strategic distribution, CredKeeper™ enhances trust, visibility, and client engagement, paving the way for lasting success… and for BedrockMD Agents – CredKeeper™ can be free.



At BedrockMD, training is not just a process; it’s a pathway to success. Our comprehensive training programs equip agents with the latest industry knowledge, compliance standards, and effective client engagement strategies, empowering them to excel in the competitive Medicare market.

Leads & Appointments

BedrockMD’s Leads & Appointments function empowers Medicare agents with a steady stream of high-quality leads and efficiently scheduled appointments. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and strategic outreach, we ensure agents have the opportunities they need to thrive in the competitive healthcare market.

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Pricing & Plan

$675.00 One-Time* + $49.00/month gives you six months worth of

Bedrock's Ultimate Package

Receive: Appointments, Leads, Multiple Online Medicare Agent Directory Listings, an Agent Website, Automated Lead Generating Webinars, Advertising, a CRM that automates your prospect and client outreach, and online credibility building for Six Full Months.

Revolutionize your Medicare business with BedrockMD’s proprietary software, solutions, expertise, and tailored solutions.

Why BedrockMD?

$675.00 one-time You payCompare Against 
CRM $49 / month$594 ($99/month x 6 months) 
Credkeeper™$0$1,494 ($249/month x 6 months)
Automated Relationship Building (ARB)$0$1,800 ($300/month x 6 months)
Your Own Website$0$900 ($150/month x 6 months)
Online Interactive Webinars (OIW)$0$6,000 ($1,000/month x 6 months)
Marketing$0$1,000 (leads and appointment generation)

*One-time payment for six months’ worth of marketing; cancel anytime. Renews at $299/month for all subsequent months. QUALIFYING AGENTS* WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE THE GOODS FOR FREE AFTER THE FIRST SIX MONTHS.

What You Will Receive

Effortless Lead Conversion With Bedrock's Proprietary CRM

Why It Matters:

Credkeeper™ - Build Your Credibility Effortlessly*

Why It Matters:

Automated Relationship Building

Why It Matters:

Personalized Medicare-Agent Website - Your Business, Your Site

Why It Matters:

OnDemand Video Marketing

Why It Matters:

Inclusion in Bedrock's Exclusive Lead Generation Campaigns 

Why It Matters:

Your Path to Success

Ready to Transform Your Medicare Business? Join BedrockMD's Team Today! Your Success Awaits.

Exclusively available to Agents with Minimum Production Requirements. Talk with a Bedrock Representative for more information.

One-time payment for six months. Qualifying Agents may qualify for more discounts. Special Bedrock Pricing (After Six Months)

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